Saturday, July 7, 2018

Here we go again.

2010. That's the date of my last blogger post. Since then, much has happened, much that I'm not going to delve into unless and until it becomes relevant. But today, (halleluiah) I recovered my blogger account, which I had not touched simce Google bought up blogger. I had assumed it was lost. But it turns out you just have to want it bad enough. That's true of so many things. I am a teacher (still) and I tell my students every weeke the same thing I tell my kids: so much of life is about showing up. We are led by the people who are willing to do it. And that's a good and bad thing, because sometimes the people who are willing are the last people you should give the job too. I'm talking obout you, annoying orange. Almost anything is possible if you want it bad enough, and are willing to put the corresponding work into it. And, finally, if you are unwilling to surrender it to anyone that wants to take it away from you. Be that your hope an anspirations, your freedom, your hope, or your positivity. I feel like so much of it has been drained from me over the past (good God, has it been only) 2 years. I am not letting this blog devolve into a diatribe about how much I hate racism, or fascism, or anything else that hte current regime espouses. Just going on record, of what I hate. Include MAGAits high on that list. Just giving notice of a reboot of this blog. What I think, what I believe, and why I think it's worth believing something.

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