Monday, February 19, 2007

What the hell I’m doing-President’s Day Edition

Just Completed—A website update. I haven’t updated since the start of January, so ugh-akk! –owww! This was painful. I added a section for holiday cards, so (next year) you can get your Valentine card, and St. Pattys Day card, et al, which I’m too lazy to mail, and get your love delivered for the price of an internet connection! Plus, new pages from the children’s book that I’m due to show an agent this week in NYC. Also, a new experimental feature-favicons that change every month! Favicons are those little icons at the far left of your url window, above. These can be standard with your browser (the little globe), or you can create unique ones. I created one with the Idea MechaniX logo, but now have added some neat seasonal ones as well that I will change out monthly, because it’s easy and neat and fun, and I clearly don’t have enough to do. This will all go live on Wednesday, when I have access to a high speed connection for updating.

Just Seen—and would recommend, Down With Love, with Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor . I have no idea when this came out, but I missed it completely, and it is fantastic on video/DVD! Not a lot of people are fans of romantic comedy, and I would count myself among their number, but this was a nice exception. I literally have picked this up and put it down for a year, avoiding and attracted to it at the same time. But it turns out it’s like a Doris Day/Rock Hudson style romantic comedy set in the 60’s but with some modern sensibilities and a fun sense of nostalgia. It made me want to dress like Frank Sinatra and roll a hat off my head into my palm, baby! Also saw several other movies via the local video stores deal. They have a 7 movies for $7 for 7 days deal that I try to take advantage of from time to time. Often I’ll pick out movies that I wouldn’t have otherwise, and occasionally find a gem. My list of wanted to see but didn’t fall in love with: Crank (though I typically love Jason Statham), The Great Raid (based on a true WWII rescue of POWs from a Japanese camp near the end of the war), Blast (a typical blow ‘em up and shoot em after, set on an offshore oil drilling platform) Zoom-school for Superheroes (which I expected to like more than I did), Fear X with John Turturro, a quirky thriller that relied a bit too much on dream sequences and allegory for my taste.

Just Heard
The Naked Brothers Band on Nick. This’s a pretty well done show. I like it. What I’m impressed with most is the caliber of songs written by one of the main characters, a ten-year-old boy. The performance is his, and each episode also credits him for writing the songs. Some are silly, a lot are prepubescent, but some are really insightful and feel real. Catch Up With the End was the one tonight, a song about people rushing through their lives to hurry and catch up with death. That a kid can write a song that feels as…genuine…as that is pretty impressive to me. It made me want to write songs again. If I ever learned to read music.

Just Discovered—A great site for tracking blogs. lets you create an account so that you get an e-mail whenever a blog you’re following is updated. That way you don’t have to keep wasting time checking (Sara) blogs to see if they’ve been updated (Steve) when some people don’t update their blogs as regularly (Sara). I’ve added the blogs at the lower right to my account. Check it out, and add me!

Just painted—three pages of my children’s book, which are not yet part of the aforementioned website update, which, again, will be live by mid-week. I’ll provide a link at that time.

Still alive here, and trying to get some sleep. Hope our holiday was great.


Marc Siry said...

Marcus- I have your blog, along with Steve's, Marie's, and Don's, as a feed subscription on my Google homepage. When one of you posts something, it appears in a list just below my Gmail widget.

Since my Google homepage is my default homepage, I have about 500 opportunities a day to be alerted to new posts.

I would go and add Sara's blog now, but apparently she never updates it :-)

Sara Kocher said...

Hey now! I update at least once a month! That's twelve, count 'em, twelve, opportunities each year to catch up on my fabulous life!

Okay, okay. I'll try harder. I do write lots of fascinating and amusing blog entries in my head while showering in the morning, but by the time I get a chance to write anything down, I've forgotten them all. They're like dreams, kind of.

Steve Buccellato said...

cool. Marc just inspired me to set up my Google home page with those blog feeds and other exciting widgets that I like to use. Very cool.

And I even added a link to Sara's blog. More of a symbolic act than anything. :D